Latest Episodes

Latest Episodes

Behind The Mic

Milan Amin

Show Host

Milan Amin has been the Co-Founder of multiple startups since his early twenties. And someone who is always challenging the status quo. Through the Notorious Hustlers podcast he aims to bring the best minds in the industry together to add value, perspective and innovation.

Jai Shukla

Show Host

Jai is also the best friend and business partner of Milan and has also co-founded multiple startups, his clientele include high profile celebrities and top 20 artists by combining the latest technology with all businesses ideas. He loves to empower others through mentoring and speaking engagements.

Elias Othitis

Audio Guru

Elias is the founder of and the magic behind the mic. With his rockstar image and with over 20 years worth of experience in the audio industry, Elias is a pro at doing audiobooks, narrations, podcasts, songs and all audio engineering.

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