The Story Behind Our Episodes

Episode 1: Jonah Berger – The Secrets To Going Viral

Who is Jonah Berger? Jonah Berger is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On and Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that... Read More

Episode 2: Nir Eyal – How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Who is Nir Eyal? Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. The M.I.T. Technology Review dubbed Nir, “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology.” Nir founded two tech companies since... Read More

Episode 3: Jason Crawford – The Fail Proof Guide To Create The Perfect Product

Jason Crawford How did the journey begin? Jason worked at Amazon, this is when the seeds for Fieldbook started getting planted. It was surprising to him that companies dedicated so much time developing internal tools.... Read More

Episode 4: Damian Kimmelman – What They Didn’t Teach You In Start-Up School

Damian Kimmelman DueDil stands for Due Diligence. They aggregate data on private companies and have data on 100 million companies. The data they have is used within sales, marketing, credit, and compliance for the... Read More

Episode 5: Jas Bagniewski – Underground Caves To The Best Selling Product On Groupon Ever

Show Notes Jas was at Rocket Internet, and set up a few companies. He sold City Deal to Groupon and ran Zolando which was the biggest ecommerce company to come out of Europe. Groupon... Read More

Episode 6: Manu Goswami – The Next Prime Minister Of Canada?

Who is Swish (Manu Goswami)? Swish (Manu) Goswami, 21, has built a multi-hyphenate career. He is a serial tech entrepreneur (CEO & Founder of Trufan), LinkedIn Youth Editor, three-time TEDx speaker (signed with the... Read More

Episode 7: Nachum Kligman – Launching Multiple Start Ups/Kickstarter/Consulting – How To Do It All!

The Story of Nachum Kligman Nachum started as a young kid, he found himself selling candy to other students. This venture became so successful that at one point he was making more money that the... Read More

Episode 8: Lauren Tickner – 132k Followers — How To Become An Instagram Model/Influencer

Lauren Tickner went from a bullied, insecure teen, to a Social Media Influencer, fitness entrepreneur and podcast host inspiring thousands on a daily basis. She’s an entrepreneur and an incredible influencer who is driven... Read More

Episode 9: Deb Calvert: How To Explode Your Companies Sales

Deb Calvert was named by Treeline as one of the “65 Most Influential Women in Business” Deb as the Co-Author of Stop Selling and Start Leading who also leads the Stop Selling and Start... Read More

Episode 10: Alison Edgar – The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, Here To Fulfill Your Wish To Increase Your Sales!

Who is Alison Edgar? Alison Edgar is referred to as The Entrepreneur’s Godmother. She’s the Author of Secrets to Successful Sales. Alison’s books have made a change in the sales industry. She’s the Managing... Read More

Episode 11: Paul Smith – How To Sell With A Story

Who is Paul Smith? Paul Smith is one of the world’s leading experts in organizational storytelling. He’s a popular keynote speaker and corporate trainer in leadership and sales storytelling techniques, a former executive and... Read More

Episode 12: Anthony Iannarino – Teaches Exactly How To Steal Customers From Competitors

Who is Anthony Iannarino?   Anthony is an International Speaker, entrepreneur, bestselling Author who has written a couple of interesting books. His Book [The Lost Art of Closing] gives you some major and useful... Read More

Episode 13: Reshma Sohini – Learn How To Get Funding From One of Europe’s Biggest Funds

Who is Reshma Sohini? Reshma Sohini is one of the most prominent and respected pan-European speakers, as well as a co-founder and managing partner of Seedcamp – a seed fund with a portfolio of... Read More

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