Episode 8: Lauren Tickner – 132k Followers — How To Become An Instagram Model/Influencer

Lauren Tickner went from a bullied, insecure teen, to a Social Media Influencer, fitness entrepreneur and podcast host inspiring thousands on a daily basis. She’s an entrepreneur and an incredible influencer who is driven by helping you to reach your goals and to succeed in all areas of your life. Despite dropping out of university, she has a massive 2m+ following base in all on YouTube and Instagram.


Lauren had insecurities and was bullied for her size. She then turned her life around after discovering weight training.


How did you start the journey? Did you have that vision in mind when you began that you want to reach a certain kind of threshold, talk us through what your vision was like?


Lauren started this journey by accident. She started by building an Instagram fitness page. Her reason for building that page at just about 16 or 17 years old was to get into her fitness journey. At that time there wasn’t any other girls her age who were into weight training and eating well. Those girls hated exercise. She had deleted a lot of her first post because the boys in her years at school found her Instagram and she was humiliated.

She wanted to connect with people in London going to all these events. That’s when she started to feel inspired to go further into fitness training. She started posting and sharing values. She was posting all these stuff on the internet without realizing that was her personal brand.


Through building her following on Instagram it open up opportunities. Lauren started getting invited to events. A lot of people see her as an influencer which can be use in such a positive manner. She would call herself an Entrepreneur than an Influencer but most people see her as an Influencer.


Lauren had built her following base and posting content every single day. She had post her content 3 times a day when she had just started while she was university. She had broken that down to twice a day and then once a day.


How do you see your influence and your ability to actually help people on Instagram and the way you do it being changed all of the time? In 2018 how do you go about trying to actually make a difference on Instagram with posting well, getting more followers, getting that engagement compare to before?


There are two sides because she pivoted her personal brand. Naturally everything she’s posting is going to be different. She posted a fitness content that inspires people to live a fit life not just physically but also mentally in every element of their life. She was trying to target women between the ages of 16-30 getting into weight training.


With Instagram posting different content, she needed to stand out. If your post doesn’t stand out and not of high quality that people are used to seeing, people aren’t going to engage with them.


She’s has a photographer for the content of her business. This free content which is of high quality is going to attract people into buying her paid content that has to be valuable. People buy because they want a shortcut to the solution. People want to buy something with accountability. Really good free content will enable persons to trust you. If you’re not making the most of your highlights that you can have on your page and Instagram stories, then you’re missing the mark.


In her name she writes Personal Branding and Business because it’s searchable. Another thing is how she approaches her business profile because she can see her analytics.


In her Instagram bio she uses to write some random things that are not necessary related to what she’s doing. You should not write unnecessary stuff that’s not helping your business in any way. Lauren empowers people to build their personal brand and online business.


One of the things that people strive for is to have a huge amount of following, what is it actually like? Is it beneficial monetarily as you said you get invite to certain events? Do you get a lot of free items? What is it like being at that kind of pinnacle that a lot of people are striving to get? But if you can give a glimpse on even businesses, what are your thoughts?


Lauren states that business wise you should not strive for a huge following base but on the other hand lifestyle wise it’s amazing. This is a big misunderstanding because people think that more followers equal more money. Her friend wanted to get some help with business but didn’t want Lauren to help her for free. Lauren charges a premium to do Personal Branding, consulting and helping persons monetizing their Personal Brand. She has to charge a Premium to help build her business.

She then went on to help her friend sell and create a program. A lot of influencers will rely on brand deals. As an influencer you need to be at the top of your game. You are always the one they turn to and you also need to have good contracts. That’s what you want but a lot of times what happen with these brands you get paid to make 1 post on Instagram.


Lauren speaks about business influencers who don’t have a strategy and she’s really passionate about helping them build that. She works in influencing marketing a bit. The influencer wants to obviously get the most money and the brand wants to pay the least money. A lot of brand doesn’t understand influence marketing yet.


Lifestyle wise Lauren is fortunate to get free holidays and free stuff. She gets paid about1.5k to post on Instagram. She states that people need to think outside of the box as an influencer. You have to aware that algorithm can change and brands won’t want to work with you anymore. You need to be aware of what is taking place around you as an influencer.


What points do you have about helping companies or helping a personal brand stand out? With regards to people actually posting and doing these things, how can they use these new features to actually come about and showcase themselves in the best way possible?

There is a massive misconception about stories and posting videos. She heard people state that this approach helps you to grow. Lauren states that this statement isn’t true. Instagram even came out and say that’s not true. People thinks that the shadow banning [your post doesn’t show up on hash tags that much]. Instagram came out with the statement that it was nothing.


It’s not that Algorithm is damaging your reach; it’s that your content isn’t good enough. Lauren thinks that even if it doesn’t help you, it helps your overall brand. If people see you show up on stories, live stories. People would be more interested in it.


What kind of other things do you have that you use that allow you to get that engagement?

She gets her audience to be engaged. She would go with whatever the majority of people said. She also encourages people to comment. Asking questions in your captions are really valuable and trying your best to reply to every comment. Basically getting persons involved is very important.


How many DMs would you typically get in a day? How much of a response rate do you kind of typically get?

Normally Lauren will wake up and have about 50 – 60 DMs. If there is any post that makes sense she will reply back with a short little video thanking them. People who send big paragraphs, Lauren will check out their page and like a few things. She would follow them and connect with them.


She and her friend made a podcast about how to send a really good DM to network with people. She would offer them value first by referring and acknowledging their content after she made that podcast on wanting to offer advice to persons. After this people got so many awesome DMs with people wanting to collab and shoot some videos for them. It’s getting people’s attention and building relationship.

Quick Fire 

Question 1: What would you say is the best thing that you could do to improve your Instagram buyer?

Who are you trying to help or empower? She helps people to build their personal brand. Who do you help and how do you help them? As a Fitness coach she helps people lose weight by tracking what they eat and so on.


Question 2: What is your advice for caption? Do you spend an hour on captions, what is your best advice on creating compelling caption?

Lauren is all about using long captions. They are important because not everyone is going to read these captions. Those who do read them are your loyal fans. These are the people that are going to be the first to support you, buy you stuff; protect you if you have any haters coming about. These are the people you need to focus on.


She writes these captions in the notes on her phone. You have to figure out the purpose of your caption and the message you want to share. As soon as she start going out on a tangent, she copy and paste the whole tangent into another note on her phone. And then write a caption about that tangent another time.

Question 3: About hash tags, what to do and how to use them?

If you can have up to 30 hash tags. Don’t use the most popular Hash tags. Use about 2 hash tags. Say for instance you are a Personal Branding Guru. You might want to Hash tag Personal Branding.


For the other one’s you want to have things that are less common, to have between hundred thousand to five hundred thousand post because you will more likely be put at the top and it’s not going to be your post that is not being seen.


Question 4: What are your thoughts on Bots and following through those methods?

She first started her account when she was 16. Bots was the thing back then but it’s not the same in this modern time. Bots are just a shortcut. What’s the point of using Bots because they are not going to be your ideal client?


They are not going to be the people who will buy your stuff. They will just artificially inflate your following and that’s embarrassing. People will think that you bought followers and there will be no engagement when it comes to your post.


Question 5: What’s your number 1 tip for stories?

There are a few Apps you can use. Spot post is an App you can make stories on. When you are showing up on videos ensure to write text about what it was you said because otherwise people are going to skip through.


Question 6: Do you find them helpful and for what purpose?

They are very helpful because you can just have all of 1 thing on your page. She do this thing called techno steps. She answer to questions on personal branding, online social media. She uses to do this every day. Highlights are great for that purpose. She can have all of one topic in one place and allows people to find out more about her.


How many hours do you genuinely spend a day on Instagram?

About 4-5 hours if she includes editing of any videos or photos. Lauren would take the photo, writing the caption, doing the stories and engaging with the community. It’s a full time job. 


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