Episode 10: Alison Edgar – The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, Here To Fulfill Your Wish To Increase Your Sales!

Who is Alison Edgar?

Alison Edgar is referred to as The Entrepreneur’s Godmother. She’s the Author of Secrets to Successful Sales. Alison’s books have made a change in the sales industry. She’s the Managing Director of Sales Coaching Solutions. She has been voted UK’s number 1 sales and marketing adviser.

Alison has trained thousands of entrepreneurs nationally and internationally. Her debut book Secrets of Successful Sales has received multiple 5 star reviews on Amazon and had reach Amazon #1 best selling status.


For those who are slightly unfamiliar with secrets of successful sales. How do you describe the book and what do you covered in there?


Alison has never actually been a Sales Trainer. This book brings together psychology and sales to help you develop a winning strategy for increasing sales and growing your business. This book enables to understand customer behavior while teaching you how to have effective strategy with confidence.



Sales are a process and a lot of people struggle to understand what sales are really about. You need to follow process when you are dealing with sales. In entrepreneurship a lot of persons don’t know about process. Even in some smaller companies they don’t understand what it is.


Another thing is with sales strategy. Another major topic that people talks about is Social Selling. She mentioned that it’s not 1984, so we don’t have to pick up the phone to ask to speak to anyone. We can use websites, LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram to actually get to the right person.


A lot of persons struggle with confidence to ask questions which can be a major downfall in as a sales person. These persons don’t know behaviors, process and they don’t have a strategy. In her book she gives real life experiences that are actually practical advice.


What would you say is one of the things that they could emulate and maybe one behavior that they could take from today that they could use to improve their sales process?


Alison loves giving educational tips because people can learn from these tips.

  1. Some people are Task Focus
  2. Others are Relationship Focus
  3. Some people are Extrovert or Introvert


Alison’s team use the desk methodology based on colors.


Red is a Task Focus Extrovert

They are fast but they lack of attention to detail isn’t always great. On the positive side they are really good customers. You need to keep in peace with customers. You need to have really good relationship with customers.


Yellow is Relationship Focus Extrovert

They are inspirational, but they complete half of job. From a customer perspective you’ve got to keep them interested. You have to be energetic to be able to adapt your behavior to build that energy.


Relationship Focus Introverts

They’re really social but take a long time to make decisions. Worst thing you can do is push them, because you might push them away. You can work with them but sales process will take longer. You have to be more genuine to their feelings.


Blues is Task Focus Introverts

Have attention to details. If you’re going to sell to them you need to know your fact

Yellow struggles to sell to the blue. These are all in Alison’s book Secrets to Successful Sales.


How do you to stick to a salesperson but at the same time ensuring that you’re accommodating to the client’s needs and also the constraints that they may have?


She talked about it in her book that there’s a difference between sales and marketing. Sales are when the human is involved. That can either be done on a phone call, a face to face meeting or on Skype. How you control the call is the process. You need to understand what the customer needs by guiding them by giving advice on their business and helping them to arrange their business.


Too many people sell too soon. For example, you may start a conversation with someone on LinkedIn and need to engage with that person. If you view that person profile you can connect with that person. Always be on top of your LinkedIn account. You send a connection request and the person accepts it, you need to acknowledge that person by Thanking that person.


Making sure you’ve got the right person. Getting the right people on Skype at the right time, then you can find out what they need, what you are charging, then you can talk money.


How do you actually go about making sure that they think about you at that later date and make sure that they actually get in touch with you rather than someone else, if it’s like 6 months or a year down the line?


Alison teaches from real life. On a daily basis she would ensure to be effective as a sales person. With process she manages to get a conference call from 3 main players but it didn’t go well. She went to London and New York to try and get a chance to meet these players so that they can really know who she is. She was successful again when she was able to send a text and got a positive reply from them.


People will buy her online courses. You have to have a positive mental attitude and have good strategic skills. With change comes opportunity. As a sales person you have to ask the person when they will be available to discuss. It’s always about keeping your eyes open and your head in the game.


From the topic of strategy you do everything from experience. What would you say are the biggest mistakes that you are seeing in industry today that these sales guy aren’t doing that you would encourage them to change to implement and get results a lot quicker?


Alison states that it’s not 1984 where social media and social selling was different. Old school sales people may not take LinkedIn as a huge interest. These sales persons aren’t building that relationship and engaging with buyers.


One of her high profile clients is Jordan Deacon who had started his business when he was 13. Alison has been working with him since he was 19, he’s now 22. When she started working with him, there were 4 of them in the company. In 3 years he’s gone from 0 to being valued at 20 million pounds.


What would you say to those kinds of sale managers and sales directors that can sort of tip the edge and tell them why your method is better, especially for the long term?


If you look at businesses as a home like well being and mental health and social corporate responsibilities, not just looking at the sales function of the business. It’s not 1984, so you can’t approach sales the same way now. People should further educate themselves. It’s down to the sales people as well as the organizations to develop.


Young sales persons who are money hungry don’t develop good skills. People should develop themselves in their own time. The personal development market is a multi million pound industry.


Alison refers to herself as a skill based educator. It’s imperative to have a positive mental attitude. A lot of sales managers are all about sales. She has created a really successful business as a woman. You’ve got to have balance of the holistic, skills and the mindset.


You need to learn what to say and not thinking negatively that sale is not for you. Alison thinks sales if for everyone, everyone can sell, you need to know what to say, how to say it, when to say it and when to really follow the process. Alison knows she can make a difference, by teaching them. You have to be confident that your service will change for that person.


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