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Episode 13: Reshma Sohini – Learn How To Get Funding From One of Europe’s Biggest Funds

Who is Reshma Sohini? Reshma Sohini is one of the most prominent and respected pan-European speakers, as well as a co-founder and managing partner of Seedcamp – a seed fund with a portfolio of... Read More

Episode 6: Manu Goswami – The Next Prime Minister Of Canada?

Who is Swish (Manu Goswami)? Swish (Manu) Goswami, 21, has built a multi-hyphenate career. He is a serial tech entrepreneur (CEO & Founder of Trufan), LinkedIn Youth Editor, three-time TEDx speaker (signed with the... Read More

Episode 4: Damian Kimmelman – What They Didn’t Teach You In Start-Up School

Damian Kimmelman DueDil stands for Due Diligence. They aggregate data on private companies and have data on 100 million companies. The data they have is used within sales, marketing, credit, and compliance for the... Read More