Episode 13: Reshma Sohini – Learn How To Get Funding From One of Europe’s Biggest Funds

Who is Reshma Sohini? Reshma Sohini is one of the most prominent and respected pan-European speakers, as well as a co-founder and managing partner of Seedcamp – a seed fund with a portfolio of... Read More

Episode 9: Deb Calvert: How To Explode Your Companies Sales

Deb Calvert was named by Treeline as one of the “65 Most Influential Women in Business” Deb as the Co-Author of Stop Selling and Start Leading who also leads the Stop Selling and Start... Read More

Episode 8: Lauren Tickner – 132k Followers — How To Become An Instagram Model/Influencer

Lauren Tickner went from a bullied, insecure teen, to a Social Media Influencer, fitness entrepreneur and podcast host inspiring thousands on a daily basis. She’s an entrepreneur and an incredible influencer who is driven... Read More

Episode 7: Nachum Kligman – Launching Multiple Start Ups/Kickstarter/Consulting – How To Do It All!

The Story of Nachum Kligman Nachum started as a young kid, he found himself selling candy to other students. This venture became so successful that at one point he was making more money that the... Read More