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Milan Amin

Show Host - The Notorious Hustler
What does it mean to Hustle? Have you ever cold emailed a Billionaire, or walked into the office of a CEO and pitched yourself, or maybe even got the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to come down to receive a parcel with your ideas on there? If not, you’re not alone – but I can teach you how. 
You know what’s cool? Being able to tap into the priceless knowledge within the best minds globally, and to then share that with you guys. Listen, it’s already hard enough being an Entrepreneur, it doesn’t need to get any tougher! I’ve personally created over 10 startups, but looking back, I really wish someone gave me the advice that we’re sharing with you before I started. 
Do you want to learn how to be a hustler? Or maybe you feel you already are one? Join our community, get ideas, learn about innovation and be inspired to take action.

Jai Shukla

Show Host - The Notorious Hustler

What’s going on everybody! Welcome to The Notorious Hustlers Podcast. Wow – it’s been quite the journey so far. From a PhD to the founder of multiple startups in 2-3 years.

From having celebrity clients to running several businesses including Increase Followers and many more.

What’s the secret sauce? I’m glad you asked because that’s what The Notorious Hustlers are about – finding a way, never giving up and then helping others. We’ve chosen to do that by sharing knowledge and tips from the best minds globally. Let’s talk, connect with me below!

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Elias Othitis

Audio Guru - Founder of www.e-audioproductions.com/

Elias is the magic behind the mic and the Founder of e-Audio Productions. Elias is one of the most talented audio engineers we found. We loved his rockstar image and his 20+ years experience in the audio industry.

Elias specialises in all things audio including: podcast post production, voice-over editing, voice over productions, mixing and mastering, audiobooks, music and film and on-hold messages.

About Our Show

Hey everyone! Super stoked that you guys are here listening to our podcast, thank you so much. We created this podcast with the aim of bringing some of the best minds from around the world together. Over the years, we’ve started over 10 startups and learnt some incredible things along the way – can’t wait to share this information with you. We’ve mentored many, we’ve spoken at many events, we’ve consulted with many businesses and now we’re here to bring amazing content from around the globe on one platform.

Why Did We Create The Podcast?

When we started our business, we had no idea what we were doing. We had no mentors, no angel investors, no backers – our only source of information was books and YouTube. Learning constantly was our biggest asset and the people we learnt from are all on this podcast. The speakers you listen to are some of the people that have made the biggest impact to our successful startup.

Why You Should Listen?

Entrepreneurship is about collaboration. The Notorious Hustlers is a platform for ideas, inspiration and innovation. Listening to some of the biggest speakers from around the world will help you avoid the many pitfalls that come with Entrepreneurship. It will tell you, know matter your background – anything is possible. In addition to this, if you’re a member of our VIP list, you’ll also have the ability to ask speakers questions. Imagine being able to tap into some of the most successful minds with just one message? Sounds like a deal to me.

Join Thousands of Listeners Worldwide

Our Commitment: We’ll bring you the best speakers from around the world. These are Entrepreneurs at multiple stages throughout their journey. From Billionaires to the single mum who left her corporate job to launch a 7-figure consulting business. Why? Entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and we’re here to bring perspective from every angle. 

We aim to launch one episode a week so be sure to check it out every Monday 5 pm GMT.

Where can I hear? You can listen to this podcast almost anywhere, from this website, iTunes and Google Play.

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