7 Steps to Setting a New Years Goal and Winning

Many people right now are probably creating goals of what they’d like to achieve this year. It’s great to do this, but in order to not be like everyone else and lose track after a few weeks, here are my recommended actions to do TODAY:

1) Make it visual: Stick whatever your goal is on your wall, make it something you look at every day, ideally first thing when you wake up and the last thing before you sleep.

2) Feel it: The first 5 minutes after waking up, just spend a few minutes feeling like what it would be like to achieve your goal.

3) Accountability & Consistency: This is where most people fail. If you need someone to be accountable to, make it me. As long as you achieve your goal – it doesn’t matter if its me. My approach is very non-BS, so ensure you’re okay with that. Being consistent comes down to how badly you want something, if you don’t want it badly enough – maybe it’s not the goal you want to set.

4) Keep It Simple: Don’t make 10 goals, just keep it simple – aim for one thing and make it big, dream big.

5) If you’re broke – leverage: Partner with people, take risks, email billionaires like me – do whatever it takes and never think you’re not enough. The only thing more powerful than a man who has everything is a man who has nothing to lose.

6) Use the Notorious Hustlers Group. If you’re not lucky enough to have mentors, money, business partners, teams, employees etc and you need a second opinion, this is what the group is for. Use it to get a second opinion on something, but please put in, what you get out.

7) Ensure it’s not a wish: The difference between a wish and a goal is that a wish is something which is a “nice to have” without a clue how you’re getting there. A goal is a crazy ambition you set for yourself, with some indication of how you’re going to get closer to achieving it. Remember when a car drives in the dark, the headlights only go 20-30ft in front, but when the car keeps going, no matter long the distance it eventually arrives. It’s okay to not know the entire journey, just know the first few steps and the rest will unfold as the journey progresses.

This year, my goal is to build us and our brand. We’re going to become authorities in the space of Entrepreneurs and Tech and that involves helping as many people as possible.

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